Center for Leadership and Management Development

The Center for Leadership and Management Development is active in both the business and academic community. Due to the constant recalibration of the educational and research programs, the Center for Leadership and Management Development remains at the forefront of business and managerial practice.
Our center has experts in the field of: Academic Writing Skills; Business English; Coaching; Communication; Economics; Executive Education; Generations; Innovation; Management; Knowledge Management; Labour Relations; Leadership; Leadership Development; Organizational Behavior and Dynamics; Organization Design; Psychological Contracts; Research Methodologies; Strategic Human Resource Management; Talent Economics; Talent Investment; Talent Management; The Value of Human Capital; Work Values; Workplace Learning.
Our vision of management development
Management development is directly related to personal development. The degree of personal development depends not only on what a person is capable of based on his or her knowledge or skills, but also on what a person wants (motives) and what a person is like (personality).
Our vision of organizational development and change
An organization is a group of individuals working together in order to achieve specific collective goals, and is separated from its environment by a specific boundary. In order to understand an organization thoroughly and to be able to make an organization effective, understanding the behavior of the people in the organization is crucial.
Research programs
The center’s research interests include personality and motivation, strategic talent management, psychological contracts, organization design, human resource management, innovation and creativity, knowledge management, labour relations, organizational behavior, stress management, work-family interference, emergent change and self-organization, interim-management and leadership and change management.
The center contributes to several programs, like BSc in Accountancy, MSc in Management (full-time and part-time), MSc in Accounting, MSc in Controlling, MBA (International, Executive and Modular), Executive Education (several programs and courses) and Executive Doctorate Program.

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Center for Leadership and Management Development
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