Revolving Scholarships

Nyenrode Fund (Stichting Nyenrode Fonds) contributes to Nyenrode’s future by facilitating Revolving Scholarships. This way Nyenrode Fund makes it possible for students to come and study at Nyenrode no matter what the financial background of the candidate is. A Revolving Scholarship usually amounts to €10,000. They are mostly sponsored by alumni or a group of alumni. 
A Revolving Scholarship is more than just a scholarship to study at Nyenrode: 

  • The alumni who contribute to the scholarship also coach the scholarship recipients during their time at Nyenrode. This way a unique bond between the donor(s) and the scholarship recipient is being facilitated. 
  • Furthermore, by receiving the Revolving Scholarship the recipient also accepts a moral obligation to contribute to new scholarships at Nyenrode after they have graduated. This means that – after graduating – the scholarship recipient turns into a scholarship donor and thus facilitates the same chances for future talents. This makes the scholarship revolving.
Click here to see how you can apply for a Revolving Scholarship.

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