Management Accounting & Control

The Center for Management Accounting & Control (CMAC) considers accounting to be a function that serves society and individual organizations. Throughout our teaching, we show our students how accounting helps society and managers to make decisions. For more information on CMAC, please see our website and the personal pages of our faculty members.
Our vision
The CMAC faculty members are whole-heartedly involved in scientific research projects and strive for (international top-tier) publications.
Besides research, CMAC supplies teaching for both the Nyenrode Business School and the Nyenrode School of Accountancy & Controlling. Its faculty is responsible for a variety of courses on Management Accounting and Management Control, which are part of the regular programs (for instance, Master of Science in Management, Master of Science in Controlling, and the Executive Master in Finance & Control), and the executive programs (for instance, Foundations of Management (FMA) and the Young Management Program (YMP)).
Members of CMAC are also involved in teaching Applied Business Research (ABR), and Executive Education (in company programs en Permanente Education (PE)).

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