The Name, Coat of Arms and Banner

The name Nyenrode
The name Nyenrode literally means 'newly' (Nyen-) 'developed ground' (-rode).
Over the centuries, Nyenrode has been known by many different names. In captions for illustrations, paintings and brass etchings, you will come across names like Nyenroy, Nienroode, Nijenroden, Niewenrode en Nieurode. The spelling 'Nyenrode' is the name of the Van Nyenrode family, as it is found on the family graves in the Breukelen church.
On the A2 highway from Utrecht to Amsterdam, on your right-hand side, after the 'Breukelen' exit, you will notice a Shell gas station with the name Ruwiel. This is roughly the location where, between Breukelen and Ter Aa, the original Ruwiel Castle was located, a castle founded about 50 years earlier than Nyenrode Castle.
The Nyenrode Coat of Arms
The Nyenrode coat of arms is a combination of the Ruwiel family emblem and that of the House of Persijn. In 1392, Gijsbrecht van Nyenrode's grandson, Gijsbrecht II, added the coat of arms of his mother, Maria van Persijn van Velsen, to the Nyenrode coat of arms. The 1st and 4th sections with gold with a red (in Dutch 'keel') bar across are the elements of the Ruwiel coat of arms. The Persijn elements are the 2nd and 3rd parts with a blue bar across and 9 red Saint Andrew's crosses. The coat of arms of the city of Amsterdam contains three Saint Andrew's crosses that probably have their origin in the Persijn shield as well. The Nyenrode coat of arms is found in the logo of the present-day University. 
The Banner
uniform.jpgThe Nyenrode banner consists of 3 bars of yellow, red and yellow. The banner is raised on a red and yellow pole, with colors alternating in a spiral. The banner is derived from the original coat of arms of the Ruwiel family. As official Nyenrode Business Universiteit colors, yellow and red are used quite regularly in the clothing of the Nyenrode student association. Furthermore, the colors from the Ruwiel coat of arms are still visible in the shutters of Nyenrode Castle.

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