Program structure

During each of the 2-week EMBA modules, you will immerse yourself in a journey of personal and professional development. The intensity of these modules reflects the reality and pressures of business: one boot camp after the other.
  • 2-week modules at Nyenrode

The boot camp structure of two-week modules allows you to fully concentrate on your development and your MBA studies. In contrast with traditional part-time MBAs, during EMBA you will be part of a unique setting that allows you to go fully in depth to the topics discussed in class.

You will do so by staying over in the hotel at the pristine Nyenrode campus together with your fellow EMBA participants. This stimulates team discussions, peer coaching sessions and numerous networking opportunities.  

  • 2-week modules abroad

It is Nyenrode's commitment to develop responsible leaders that can operate in diverse and dynamic environments. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to take part on two international modules as part of your Executive MBA.

During these modules, you will participate in session at our partner universities abroad, visit & work with local companies and have the opportunity to expand your network internationally. Currently, the international modules take place at Renmin University in China and Stellenbosch University in South Africa.

  • Personal Leadership Development

Become the best leader you can be. Discover how to develop your personal authentic leadership and to exercise positive influence that drives performance of self, others, organizations and society. This is embedded throughout the entire EMBA program via different tools and techniques.

  • Final Graduation Project

You will complete a final graduation project in the form of a company consultancy project, academic thesis or entrepreneurial project. You will do so under the guidance of a faculty supervisor.  

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