Timeline for applying for a Revolving Scholarship

If you are interested in applying for a Revolving Scholarship, please take notice of the following timeline:

1. Before May 15, 2017:
Deadline for application for a Revolving Scholarship by a sending in a sound financial plan (click here for an example) and a letter of motivation + CV.
2. Late May 2017:
Pre-selection of candidates by Nyenrode Fund
3. June 2017:
Selection for interviews by scholarship donors
4. Early July 2017:
Donors and Nyenrode Fund awarding the Revolving Scholarship to the students
5. Early July 2017:
Signing of the Revolving Scholarship contracts
6. August 2017:
Introduction talks between  Nyenrode Fund and the Revolving Scholarship recipient.
7. September 2017:
Official scholarship awarding ceremony during Nyenrode Fund’s Thank the Donor Day
If you wish to apply for a Revolving Scholarship, please send an e-mail with a sound financial plan and a letter of motivation + CV to:
Tanja Visser, Director of the Nyenrode Fund: T.Visser@nyenrode.nl

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