The Nyenrode Center for Entrepreneurship (NCE) was founded in 1996. Its members carry out research on start-ups, personality, family business and intrapreneurship and offer courses on entrepreneurship in all the degree programs of Nyenrode. The multidisciplinary and strategic character of entrepreneurship is considered primordial.
The NCE aims to increase academic understanding of the entrepreneurship process and to stimulate an entrepreneurial management attitude among students.
The main purpose of NCE as one of the knowledge centers of Nyenrode is to build international visibility of the program on
entrepreneurship and family business in research, teaching and service areas both in the academic and business world.
The long term research program on entrepreneurship and family business started in 1992. These efforts formed the basis for the start of the Nyenrode Center for Entrepreneurship in 1996. Originally, the Centers’ aim was to enhance research in the area of entrepreneurship and family business. However, the Center has subsequently also moved towards activities in teaching and executive education as well. Traditionally, the Nyenrode focus on entrepreneurship was implicit. However, the efforts of the Center have resulted in an explicit role for entrepreneurship both in strategy, teaching and research programs. The main focus of the NCE is based on its ten steps Model in Entrepreneurship (Entrepreneurial Cycle), which has the entrepreneur as its central focus point.

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