Selection Process

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program has limited spots available. Our admission process is aimed at providing the best chances to each of the applicants.  Hereby a summary of the process:

As soon as we receive an application form the applicant will be invited to complete the LTP test and have an interview at Nyenrode. The result of his/her application (being final offer, conditional offer or no offer) will be communicated as soon as possible. This is determined based on how he/she scores on the BScBA selection criteria. The following results of the admission process are possible: 

1) Final offer 
a. He/she receives a registration form and has 4 calendar weeks to complete the form and secure his/her spot in the program.

2) Conditional offer
a. He/she receives a spot on the student ranking list based on the admission result (average grade based on the selection criteria). On the 1st of May, a selection of the student ranking list will be allocated a spot in the program.

3) No offer
a. He/she will not be admitted to the BScBA program. End of the selection process.
It is important to realize that the spot on the student ranking list is dynamic and variable. Strong candidates applying later to the program can therefore still be ranked higher on the student ranking list than candidates who have applied earlier. However, it is highly recommended to apply early since no direct / final offers will be made after May 1st. All students who apply after the May 1st will be placed on the student ranking list and hear whether they are allocated a spot in the program on July 1st. 

Application deadline for international students: June 1st, 2017  
(Due to VISA requirements)

Application deadline for Dutch students: July 1st, 2017

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