Tuition Fees: the yearly program fee amounts to €19,000
Application fee: €320 (application €100 + admissions test  {LTP} €220). 

Please note that the fees for the LTP test vary per location (you may check the application form for more information)

Additional costs
Costs for a fully furnished, shared room at the Nyenrode campus costs approximately € 305. Please note that students will share a room during the first year of the program. 


Loans for Dutch students
Dutch students have the possibility to borrow money from local authorities. Please check with local banks regarding what these possibilities entail.

It is worth noting that, under Dutch law, local students can apply for a study loan via DUO IB Groep. In order to request a study loan, you may use Nyenrode’s reference code (66420).

For more information on DUO loans, please click here.

Loans for international students 
We recommend international students to explore the possibilities of bank and government loans in their own countries prior to studying at Nyenrode.

Nyenrode provides a limitied number of awards and scholarships for special students. Please click here for more information.

Application deadline for international students: June 1, 2017​​​​​
Application deadline for Dutch students: July 1, 2017

Please click here for more information on awards​ and scholarships​.

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