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The vast impact that IT has on organizations increases every single day. With the aid of IT we can build different organizations. Organizations that feature new customer interactions, with fewer hierarchal levels, and connected to business partners independent of time and place.

This changing environment affects your entire organization and demands robust leadership and responsible entrepreneurship alike. For example, marketing has to comply with legislation, deal with big data, customer interaction through new (social) media while maintaining customer satisfaction; Financial executives no longer only focus on analyses but require data-based predictive skills; IT specialists deal with ERP implementations that require seamless integrations with business partners; The boardroom faces strategic challenges involving the CIO, CFO and CEO. Regardless of your position; If you are in business, you are confronted with IT.

Below you will find the overview of the modules with the Business & IT track:

​​Security and Cyber Risks ​Afterwards, you will be able to translate innovations into opportunities and anticipate threats in their social context

• (Digital) vulnerability of organizations
• Strategy and (organizational) behavior as a response to threats and attacks
• Business implementation and cyber security architecture
​​Marketing and Technology Afterwards, you will be able to create and implement innovative ideas

​• Discovering new Customer and technology insights
• Listening and connecting: thinking bigger than your own
• Creating competitive advantages by creating bridges between functions and competences

*The specialization modules are electives. ​
Digital Strategy and Transformation ​Afterwards, you will be able to make well-informed choices regarding the future of your organization

• Strategy formulation, implementation and execution
• Business models and architecture
• Implementation of business strategy at IT level
​​Afterwards, you will be able to influence (organizational) behavior effectively

• Taking charge of organizational change
• Managing people
• The development of (internal) advisory skills
Business Processes and Technology​ ​ ​​Afterwards, you will be able to optimize business processes and chains

• Know-how of state-of-the-art business processes and
chains and the way in which these help ensure the success of organizations
• Insight into IT and the support for business processes
• An awareness and proactive attitude towards the constant improvement in business processes, aimed at making the organization even more successful
Risk and Finance ​Afterwards, you will be able to manage financial performance and risks

• Analysis of annual accounts and ratios
• Investment decisions
• Portfolio management
• Risk management with the aid of frameworks for IT risk, operational risk and financial risk
Market, Law and Ethics ​Afterwards, you will be able to identify and deal with complex problems and dilemmas

• Introduction to marketing and (e-)commercial aspects and possibilities
• Legal restraints
• Ethical aspects of decision-making
Leadership and Cooperation ​Afterwards, you will be able to enjoy personal development, and have a greater capacity for self-reflection and firm leadership

• Development of your personal skills and leadership
• Peer reviews and intensive coaching
• Reflection and insights into the dynamics of collaboration and organizations and social psychology
International study trip ​Afterwards, you will be able to understand complex forms of collaboration and increasing internationalization
• Knowledge, experience and understanding of the target country, its society and the influence on international cooperation
• Experiencing collaboration in an international cultural setting
• Analysis of international problems
MBA thesis ​• Analysis of a major issue in your day-to-day work forms the basis for the Master’s thesis
• Academic accountability vis-à-vis the issue in question and practical conclusions and recommendations
• Conclusion of the MBA program

Program Review Board
A Program Review Board has been appointed to ensure the link actually relates to IT-developments in the market. This Review Board consists of three executives responsible for IT, three executives responsible for Human Resources and three IT-service providers all working for international companies. The board meets twice a year to evaluate the program.

​Company/Organization  Name Function
 Ab-ovo​ ​Andre Haket ​COO
​AFM ​Frans van den Hurk ​COO
​AHOLD ​Haakon Scheepens
Interim HR Director and Alumnus
MMBA Business & IT
​C&A Retail Europe ​Willem Eelman ​CFO & COO
​LinkedIn Raymond ​​Hüner ​Director LinkedIn LTS Benelux
Qhuba​ Hans ​​Luijendijk ​CIO Advisory
​ Rabobank Nederland ​Gea Cramer ​HR Manager Rabobank Nederland
​ Shell Global Solutions International ​Petra Zijlstra
General Manager CP Information Technology
​Twynstra Gudde ​Rob Poels ​Partner
Vertor​ Erik Janse​​ Partner/Co-Owner​​
​Wavin ​Sjourd Wijdeveld


​Nyenrode Representatives​
Henk Kievit​​ ​Program Director Modular Executive MBA 
​Loes van Kempen ​Program Manager Modular Executive MBA in Business & IT
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