International Business and Competition

Most publications and research efforts from the faculty have been focused on the area of international business. Three professors and two visiting professor are conducting research and are publishing in this area. More then 150 publications including 2 books have been published in the last period. Two other faculty members are preparing PhD’s in this field.
The research has been focused on the European Union and Asia. Growth strategies, divestments, spin-outs, performance effects of different forms of internationalization, vertical and horizontal synergies, entry modes and recently EU competition policy effects and institutional theory have been topics on which the faculty has made contributions.
For the next 5 years the aims are to improve the quality of research and move up to the highest quality journals by:
- increasing faculty with 1 (associate-) professor and 2 to 4 PhD students
- further deepen the existing research projects with a strong focuses on the effects of integration/convergence and competition on firms and institutions
- building the Nyenrode Institute for Competition.

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