Dr. Inez Verwey RA

Specialization: Fraud; Research Methodology; Forensic Auditing; Auditing & Assurance
E-mail: i.verwey@nyenrode.nl 
Telephone: +31 (0)6 2932 9292
Center: Auditing & Assurance
Inez Verwey works as a researcher and lecturer for Nyenrode School of Accountancy & Controlling. Her research interests are auditing and fraud. The working title of her dissertation - supervised by Prof. dr. Barbara Majoor, Prof. A. Wright (Visiting professor Nyenrode Business Universiteit, School of Accountancy and Controlling, Professor North-Eastern Universitu Boston, auditing) and Prof., dr. Edward Groenland – is: “The differences between auditors and forensic accountants in their ability to identify effective additional procedures to mitigate identified risk factors.” Inez will finish her dissertation in 2012.
The enormous fraud scandals inspired Inez to do research.  Unsatisfied about the fact that one seems to have no answer on the question why auditors seem to have many difficulties in assessing fraud risks so far, she decided in 2007 to start a PhD research on that topic. Because of her background as an auditor and a forensic accountant, she wonders whether there is a difference in the ability to assess fraud risks effectively between auditors and forensic accountants. The research question for her study is about  whether forensic accountants are indeed more capable to perform effective additional procedures than auditors. Additionally she wants to investigate which personal characteristics of the auditor or forensic accountant influence the ability to identify more effective additional procedures to mitigate the identified fraud risk during an audit.
Inez Verwey earned a Bachelor degree in Business Economics at the HEAO and a Master degree in Business Economics at the University of Amsterdam. From 1992 till 1997 she worked as an auditor with one of the Big 4 accounting firms. After graduating as a Registeraccountant at the University of Amsterdam in 1997 she worked as a forensic accountant. Since November 2008 she decided to concentrate fully on research and lecturing.
Inez is faculty member of the center of auditing and assurance. She teaches Advanced Auditing, Onderoeksvak Auditing and Assurance , ABR, master theses Auditing & Assurance.

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