Revolving scholarships

All scholarships provided by Nyenrode Fund and Nyenrode Business Universiteit are Revolving scholarships. These scholarships are provided mainly by Nyenrode Alumni. We believe that you are a Nyenrodian not just during your study - you are a Nyenrodian for life and each Nyenrodian gives back to our community in continuance of our 65 year old tradition. By accepting a revolving scholarship and becoming a student at Nyenrode, you accept a helping hand from the previous generation of students in the hope to be able in your turn to provide such helping hand to the future students of Nyenrode by becoming a donor of the Nyenrode Fund. By passing this gesture on you not only pass an opportunity to enjoy the same high quality education as you did, but you also live up to one of the most important Nyenrode’s values – stewardship, making it possible for the scholarship to “revolve” and remain durable and sustainable. Being a donor of Nyenrode Fund keeps you actively involved in the life of your alma mater and the Nyenrode community - 15,000 alumni worldwide who live in more than 80 countries: a remarkable community of proactive and globally-minded alumni – and creates stable and mutually benefitting bands between the generations of alumni and the current students.
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