Nyenrode MBA not just a degree

The Nyenrode MBA is not a degree, it is so much more than that. It is a 360° journey of discovering your personal authentic leadership, entrepreneurship and stewardship capabilities that stretches far beyond obtaining a diploma.

The Nyenrode MBA is designed to meet your personal and professional aspirations in a way that matches best with your career and your private life. Therefore, we present you with a complete pallet of choices: full-time, part-time or modular.

Part-time Executive MBA                                                 Our part-time Executive MBA is designed to allow you to keep working. All Executive MBA modules take place over 2 week periods at universities across 3 countries: the Netherlands, China and South Africa.

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Full-time MBA  (based in Amsterdam)
Grow your CV while doing your full-time MBA. Full-time MBA combines multidisciplinary business practices with real-life company projects. This program places you in the center of European business (including visits to 5 European cities)
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Modular Executive MBA  (create your own out of modules)
As a professional you have to deal with a demanding job and a busy social life in which time is scarce. The modular concept allows you to develop a personal and professional development path.

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About EMBA
​''Almost immediately I was able to take new ideas and techniques learned in the modules and apply them to the work environment'' Tim Jarvis, EMBA participant 2012-2013
About IMBA
​''Nyenrode is not only about following lectures and courses. Nyenrode is also about having fun with friends who feel like family.'' Gijs Timmers, IMBA participant 2012-2013