The research and teaching programs of the Nyenrode Real Estate Center mainly aim to approach, define and control the questions regarding financial reporting and valuation aspects and variety in type of real estate in the various phases of its life cycle. This will be achieved through a range of angles and disciplines. From a multi-disciplinary perspective, strategy focuses on the financial analysis and reporting of real estate investments by developers, construction companies, investors, private users and administrators of private and public real estate. The results of this research and the experience gained will be reflected in teaching (lectures, seminars, courses or congresses), consultancy projects, reports and in monographs, periodicals, CDROMS and other media.
The fundamental research will comprise an international, comparative study into prevalent valuation concepts, valuation methods and types of financial reporting of real estate investments. The teaching and research center will appeal to financial, fiscal and legal advisors; (financial) management of developers, construction companies, administrators, private users and investors; corporate and public real estate managers; representatives from the estate agency and assessment sectors, banking, insurance and associated sector organizations.
Integrity & Real Estate
Read more about  the recent research conducted on integrity and real estate by Ronald Jeurissen and Tom Berkhout in the book Net werken en Netwerken (in Dutch).


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