The part-time Executive MBA is an investment in your career and development. The return on this investment is reflected both financially as well as on your personal leadership development.
Participants in our program increase their salary by 20% on average between the start of the program and one year after graduation. In addition, during EMBA you will be able to increase your leadership impact by 25-50% or even more.
  • Tuition fee: €49,500
The tuition fee includes: tuition, books, accommodation, breakfasts and dinner each day of class at Nyenrode and abroad.
The tuition fee does not include: lunch and some dinners during the international modules, international flights and visa costs for international modules (if needed).
  • Payment in installments

It is possible to pay the program costs in 3 installments. Please contact us for more information on this option.

  • Tax Deduction

If you are living in the Netherlands, some study costs are tax deductible. This applies to costs above € 250. Per year, you can get a tax refund of maximum €15.000. How much tax refund you can receive depends on your personal and financial situation. That is why we advise you to contact the Dutch Tax Authority/Belastingdienst for a more precise indication. If you are living outside of the Netherlands, other rules may apply. We advise you to contact the local authorities in your own country for more detailed information.

  • Other financing options

The Executive MBA at Nyenrode is an investment in your future, both personally and professionally. Executive MBA students finance their studies in various ways, with partial or full sponsoring by their employer, whilst others opt to fund the study themselves through savings and loans. Local banks can be approached for a possibility of a loan or line of credit offered to Executive MBA students at Nyenrode.


It is possible to get a scholarship from AMBA as part of their 50th anniversary. Click here ​for more information.
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