The Strategy Center develops and executes a number of executive programs.
  • NCD - Nyenrode Commissarissencyclus
  • New Board Program
  • Foundations of Corporate Governance
  • Corporate Governance voor Secretaressen van de Top
  • Strategic Leadership Program
  • YMP - Your Leadership Development Program
The Strategy Center faculty contributes to all of Nyenrode's master programs.
  • International Master of Business Administration
  • Part-time Master of Business Administration
  • Public Sector Master of Business Administration
  • NyVu Executive Master of Business Administration
  • Full-time Master of Science in Management Program
  • Part-time Master of Science in Management Program‚Äč
Nyenrode Business Lab
Powerhouse activities are supported by the Nyenrode Digital Business LAB, which provides state-of-the-art communication and information technology integrated in concepts to facilitate and improve the decision making processes. The Nyenrode Business Lab will be one of the supporting foundations for the present and future of Nyenrode Business Universiteit in playing a part in the digitalization of the business world.
If you should require details regarding our Business Lab, please contact:
Pieter Michielsen
Lecturer technology and Strategy
Coordinator Business Lab
Tel +31 (0) 346 291 669

Contact us

Hansje Vlam
+31 (0)346 291 235