Citing sources in APA style

When writing a report or thesis you must refer to the information you have used in a correct way. You have to show where you got your information from, even when you put somebody else's text in your own words, or restate what someone else has said or written. Keep track of the information you find and refer to your sources correctly. This will help you to avoid plagiarism. Nyenrode Business Universiteit uses the APA style for citing sources. Learn how it works.


Getting started
If you have no previous knowledge of APA style, watch this tutorial from slide 13 and learn the basics: The basics of APA style (12 min.)
The tutorial shows how to cite references in text, and provides some selected reference examples. The chapter numbers mentioned refer to the complete Publication Manual published by the APA.


Nyenrode guidelines
Learn how to format your thesis and reports and read the most important rules for citing sources in APA style: Nyenrode guidelines for thesis writing: formatting and citing sources in APA style


More information and examples
If you need more information and more examples, go to:


Literature management
Did you know tools are available that help you to organize and cite your sources? Read more >

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