Do you wish to apply for Nyenrode’s Individual PhD-track? You will find our admission criteria and registration procedure in the:

 Nyenrode PhD Rules and Regulations

The admission criteria are:

  • You have found a Nyenrode professor who is willing to supervise you and who is willing to work with you on your research proposal and planning. Your proposal has to have been externally reviewed by two active researchers in your field who have been selected and approached in accordance with the Nyenrode PhD Rules and Regulations.
  • Your command of the English language is sufficient.
  • You have obtained the relevant visa and other permits to stay and study in the Netherlands (if necessary).
  • You are able to guarantee that you can pay the travel and subsistence costs for regular visits to Nyenrode to discuss your progress and follow your assigned courses.
  • You comply with all other criteria stipulated in the Nyenrode PhD Rules & Regulations.

Initially, admission is granted for two years. Another four years is granted, when you show sufficient progress (in line with the Nyenrode PhD Rules and Regulations). You can spend eight years at most on your PhD. Extension of this period is not possible.

Please keep in mind that Nyenrode does not yet offer scholarships of its own and does not facilitate NFP-scholarships. 

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If you have any questions, please contact Nyenrode’s Academic Services Center via or T +31 (0) 346 291 696

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