Campus Life

The Nyenrode campus

The campus is dominated by a thirteenth-century castle. With 50 hectares covering the campus, there are several key features at your disposal including a rose garden, hiking and jogging trails, a deer park and maze. Other features include:

  • a library
  • two restaurants
  • two hotels
  • sports facilities (see below)

Studying and living on the Nyenrode campus
By living on campus, students experience the Nyenrode business envirnoment firsthand. Students also form close bonds with the international students from the full-time International MBA and full-time Master of Science in Management programs.

Sport facilities and activities
Nyenrode consists of all kinds of sports facilities. This includes:
  • a gym
  • tennis courts
  • a rugby field
  • a rowing club​
  • several jogging routes
In terms of activities, Nyenrode organizes the Batavieren Run, salsa workshops, music nights, theater plays and debating events.​​
Nieuwe Compagnie van Verre
The student Association NCV (Nieuwe Compagnie van Verre), was founded in 1947, four months after the foundation of Nyenrode. From the start Nyenrode was tailored towards preparing young and talented Dutch men for a career abroad, with the ultimate goal of furthering the economy of the Netherlands.
The foundation of the NCV, in 1947, was in collaboration with its honorably member and patron HRH Prins Bernhard von Lippe-Biesterfeld. Since the founding a lot has changed at Nyenrode. Women were first allowed on campus in 1972, and the study program changed from BBA, to IDP, to MSc. Currently, studying at Nyenrode consists of three main pillars, which include study, student life and the NCV. Despite the changes in the past, the third pillar remained constant; the NCV has always remained strong, and remains to this date the important and valuable extension of both the Nyenrode study and campus life.
The NCV is very important to Nyenrode, as it forms the foundation of the link between the students and the university. These students are educated to become important players in the business world, and are key to spread the word on the quality of Nyenrode's education and its contribution to their career.

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