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How can I renew the loan period of my books?
Renewal of the loan period is possible unless a book is requested by another person. You can renew the loan period:
Can I return my books when the Library is closed?
When the Library is closed you can return your books in the mailbox at the entrance of the Library building. You may also return your books by mail. This will be at your own risk.
I’ve requested a book that is currently out on loan. How will I know when it’s available?
As soon as the book is available, you will receive notice via e-mail.
How can I access the Library's online information sources off-campus?
For students and staff of Nyenrode and Nivra-Nyenrode the online information sources on the Library website are also accessible off-campus. In order to get automatic access off-campus, please follow the instructions in the manual.
When I want to access an information source, it asks for a username and password. Can you provide me with these details?
In that case something is wrong. Nyenrode students and staff should have automatic access to the online information sources.
If you are working off-campus please follow the instructions in the manual.
If the problem persists, please contact ICT-Services:, phone +31 (0)346 291288.
I’m connected to Nyenrode’s WiFi network. Why are the online information sources unavailable?
To access the online information sources, connect to the secured WiFi network Eduroam and authenticate with your Nyenrode email address and password. The open network Guest WiFi does not provide access to the online information sources.
Where can I find information on my topic?
> Find online information sources by topic
How can I find out if a journal is accessible online?
On the Library website (section Online journals) you will find 'Journals Finder', a list of all journals offered by the Library. In 'Journal Finder' you can search for titles of journals and click directly to the database containing the journal.
How do I search for Nyenrode theses?
In the Nyenrode Library catalog you can search for descriptions of theses written by Nyenrode students. To limit your search to theses only, click on the Collection 'Nyenrode theses' in the upper right corner.
If you would like to look into a thesis, please refer to the Library staff. They will need the location code of the thesis.
Nyenrode theses cannot be borrowed. They are only accessible for Nyenrode students and staff on presentation of their student/staff card. Photocopying of theses is not allowed.
A publication is not available at the Nyenrode Library. How can I request it from another library?
If a book or journal article is not available in the Nyenrode Library, we can request the publication from another library via Interlibrary Loan. Costs brought by the supplying library will be passed on.
Interlibrary Loan: tariffs, delivery time and request forms
How can I find “A-journals”?
You can check the quality of journals in the Journal Rating List.
In Discover! and in EBSCO Business Source Complete you can search for online journal articles and restrict your search result to ‘Scholarly (peer reviewed) journals’ and ‘Academic journals’. You will find these options in the sections ‘Search options’ and ‘Refine search’.
I cannot find the information I need. Can you help me?
At the information desk in the Library professional staff is at your disposal during opening hours. They are happy to support you in finding information. You can also reach us by phone or email:
Phone: +31 (0)346 291310
What are my Username and Password for the Library catalog?
Your barcode is both your Username and Password in the Library catalog.
You can find it on your Library card or on the back of your student/staff card. Fill in the number without interspacing. The barcode starts with ‘9’, i.e. 9052632. If your barcode starts with ‘3462’ please ignore these numbers.
I can’t find the full text of journal articles in the Library catalog.
The Library catalog does not contain full text journal articles. You will only find the descriptions of articles available in the printed journal collection of the Nyenrode Library. You can make copies of these articles in the Library. In 'Journal Finder' you can check if a journal is also available online:
I cannot access the library catalog.
Some suggestions:
On some occasions the library catalog is temporarily unavailable. In that case you can use the backup, see the library catalog webpage. In the backup you will not be able to access your patron information.
Sometimes the firewall of a company’s computer network causes this problem. Please try the library catalog from your pc at home.
Can I still use the Nyenrode Library after my graduation?
After your graduation you have the opportunity to buy a yearly membership of the Library. If you would like to visit the Library for just one day, you can buy a visitor’s card at the information desk in the Library.
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How can I make payments to the Library?
At the information desk in the Library you can make payments by PIN. Cash payments are not accepted. In some cases our Financial Department will send an invoice.
Can I use a wireless network in the library?
Wireless access is available in our campus buildings. To connect to the wireless connection, select GuestWifi (unsecured) or Eduroam (secured). Eduroam is available for staff and students using their Nyenrode email adress and password. Eduroam provides access to the online information sources.

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