Program Highlights

On-campus program
The Nyenrode campus is a business laboratory where our students develop their passion for and understanding of business. Nyenrode provides a very unique experience as all our students live in an intimate setting on campus and they share a room during the first year of their studies.

Personal development
Our small class size and personal attention allows us to fully focus on the personal growth of our students through activities such as personal mentorship and a personal leadership development journey.​

International exchange
By following a semester abroad, our students showcase independence, adaptability, communication skills and an international mindset.

Sports to build a strong character
Having sports integrated in our program stimulates teamwork, learning from peers and a healthy body and mind.

A network of friends for life
Our students create a unique bond as a result of living together in an intimate setting and being part of an active student association (NCV) which helps them cultivate strong personal
and organizational skills.

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