Finding journals & articles

Finding known journals & articles
If you know the journal or article you’re looking for, search Journal Finder. In this list you can find out whether the Nyenrode library provides access to the a specific journal (online or print) and click directly to the database containing the full-text. If a journal article is not available you can request it from another library via Interlibrary Loan.

Tutorial: Finding known journals & articles
Finding journal articles by subject
The search tool Discover! allows you to simultaneously search across all journal article databases of the library and some open source databases.  In one single search you will find articles in databases such as EBSCO, ScienceDirect, and Emerald. To access an individual journal article database browse the list of online information sources.

Tutorial: Discover!

Tips & tricks
  • You can check the scientific quality of journals in the Journal Rating List.
  • Make use of journal alerts to keep yourself up-to-date with newly published journal articles. Read more >
  • Some online journal databases provide apps to find journal articles on your smartphone or tablet. Read more >
  • In the EBSCO database Business Source Complete you can view and search cited references. You will be able to find the articles that were cited by an article or to find articles that cited a specific article. Read more on EBSCO's webpage.

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