The full-time MBA is an investment in your future. There are various ways in which you can finance this journey.  
  • Tuition fee: € 39,500 (incl. readers & case materials)
  • Application fee: € 125
  • Accommodation costs: ± € 750. Nyenrode facilitates housing for our full-time MBA students in Amsterdam. For more information about our different accommodation options click here.
  • Study trips: ± €2,500
  • Associated study and living costs: living expenses can vary according to your expectations and lifestyle, recent graduates say that a good guide for rent and living expenses is around €800-€1000 per month for a single student including the accommodation costs.

**Apply before April 1st 2017 and receive an early bird discount of €3,500 on the tuition fee. You pay € 36,000 if we receive your completed application form before the deadline.**


  • Orange Tulip Scholarship (for talents from Brazil, China, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia, South Korea, Thailand & Vietnam)

Nyenrode rewards top international talents by participating in the  Orange Tulip Scholarship program.
For the full-time MBA program starting in September 2017, Nyenrode is offering the following scholarships per country:

1 scholarship worth 75% tuition fee discount - €28,125
2 scholarships each worth 50% tuition fee discount - €18,750
1 scholarship worth €10,000
The Orange TulipsScholarship is organized by Nuffic Neso. The scholarship is granted by Nyenrode. 
Application deadline: April 1st 2017
How to apply for the Orange Tulips Scholarship?
1. Apply to Nyenrode's full-time MBA program (before April 1st)
2. Reach out to the Nuffic Neso office in your country.
3. Apply to the Orange Tulip Scholarship via Nuffic Neso before April 1st.
4. Complete the application process with Nyenrode (interview/admission's test)
5. Wait for the results: May 1st. 
Visit the Nuffic Neso website of your country for more information: Nuffic Neso Brazil, Nuffic Neso China, Nuffic Neso Indonesia, Nuffic Neso Mexico, Nuffic Neso Russia, Nuffic Neso South Korea, Nuffic Neso Thailand, Nuffic Neso Vietnam.

  • Other scholarships
The application deadline for any of our other scholarships is June 1st 2017

Nyenrode scholarships are strictly merit-based scholarships that rewards exceptional global talents who showcase their unique potential to become global responsible leaders.  

Women in Business Scholarship

Partial-tuition revolving scholarships of up to €17,250 (50% tuition fee) for remarkable female talents.

Read more here: Instructions for scholarships.pdfInstructions for scholarships.pdf

Continental Scholarships

Partial-tuition revolving scholarships per continent of up to €10,000 for remarkable global talents.

Read more here: Instructions for scholarships.pdfInstructions for scholarships.pdf 

Academic Excellence Scholarships

Partial-tuition revolving scholarships of up to €19,750 (50% tuition fee) for remarkable talents who showcase a solid academic & professional background and an outstanding admissions test score (Min. GMAT score 650 or Nyenrode Admission's Test score 600)

Country-specific scholarships 

To stimulate diversity in the classroom, Nyenrode offers a limited number of country-specific scholarships of up to 50% of the tuition fee.

Contact our talent recruiters for more information.

It is possible to get a scholarship from AMBA as part of their 50th anniversary. Click here ​for more information.

  • International Study Loans
Institutions around the world offer loan possibilities for talents to pursue their MBA at Nyenrode.
Read more here: Study Loans.pdfStudy Loans.pdf
Nyenrode has a partnership with financial institutions is certain countries to facilitate the access to funding:  
Mexican talents can apply for funding with FIDERH and FUNED. Logo Funed Institucional
Colombian talents can apply for funding with Colfuturo logo_colfuturo.png

Tax advantage
Talents who have lived & worked in the Netherlands are eligible for a tax return on their tuition fee. Nyenrode offers payment in installments so you can make use of this advantage.
More information?
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