For Internationals

An MSc in Management degree at Nyenrode helps you to kick start your career in the Netherlands as an international student. Some of its advantages are:

  • Nyenrode's roots are deeply connected with the Dutch business environment. You will get immersed in Dutch business culture and customs 

  • Commonly known program for recruiters and HR managers. This facilitates job opportunities and contact with companies

  • Program designed for young talents. You are not required to have work experience to join this program (max 2 years of work experience)

  • On-campus housing. Nyenrode facilitates this process for international students with possibilities of individual and shared rooms

In addition:​

  • By completing your studies at Nyenrode, you are eligible for a 1-year search visa to be issued within 3 years after you have completed your degree and entitles you to live and work in the Netherlands.

  • Nyenrode offers Dutch courses to international students who are looking for opportunities to kick-off their career in the Netherlands. Learn the basics of Dutch language before coming to Nyenrode. Check out the app developed by Nuffic Neso: Hoi Holland!

Welcome home international talents! Check out how we welcomed our international students of MSc25 cohort in the article below.Internationals boat trip.PNG

For more information about the procedure to study in the Netherlands based on your personal situation, please visit Pathfinder

Events Abroad

Nyenrode participates in a series of events outside the Netherlands. Upcoming visits will be announced soon.

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