International Partnerships

Our International Focus
Nyenrode Business Universiteit, the only private university in the Netherlands, was founded in 1946. It builds on the motto: “For business by business”. From the very beginning, practical relevance has been at the forefront of all our activities. The predecessors of our founding companies such as Air France-KLM, AkzoNobel, Philips and Heineken firmly believed that the combination of academic rigor and practical relevance were crucial in educating an internationally focused generation of new business leaders. 

Internationalization Strategy
Our internationalization strategy is directly derived from our mission: shaping responsible leaders. It means that we prepare our students for responding to challenges in the global business environment  Nyenrode teaches its students to be responsible citizens in every aspect of their personal life and professional work. Our internationalization strategy is based on three objectives:  
  1. To create high-quality course material with international dimensions (literature, business cases, assignments) and international research papers.
  2. To attract international students, alumni, faculty, corporate clients, corporate and research networks.
  3. To increase the mobility of students and enhance their international experiences by:
    a.  delivering international modules and programs (on and off shore), and
    b.  offering international student exchange programs and internship opportunities to global talents.

In close cooperation with our global institutional partners, international faculty, staff, alumni and corporate networks, we are able to offer our students a unique and high-quality educational experience that prepares them for every challenge they face in the international business environment.

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