Nyenrode faculty work in close liaison with other highly reputable organisations and renowned scholars to conduct fundamental and applied business research on relevant topics and themes. This research supports business and government in understanding specific challenges related to business, political and economic challenges, and provides insight into possible future developments.

All research activities are geared towards realistic application in the corporate world and therefore deliver a well-defined added-value to the results of businesses. We conduct research into international business topics and about specific countries and/or regions such as China, India, and Middle East North Africa. Common topics include, but are not limited to:
  • Corporate Governance and Managing Shareholders’ Value 
  • Dealing with the World as a Global Place
  • Dutch and Chinese Pension System
  • Emerging markets 
  • Entrepreneurship and Family Business 
  • Europe India and Europe China trade relations
  • Global Sourcing, Offshoring, and Outsourcing
  • Innovation and Sustainability
  • Investment, Market Entry and Logistics Strategies
  • Leadership and Cultural Intelligence
  • Sino-Europe Business and Trade Relations

Ongoing Research

  • China Structure Development Monitor (in cooperation with Mn Services)
  •  Enhancing European Competitiveness by Leveraging Indian Highly-Skilled Professionals
  • Position of India and China in World Trade Organization
  • Recent Chinese Industrial Policies
  • The Competitiveness of Chinese Industries
  • The Development of Chinese Import Demand
  • The Globalization of Chinese Companies
  • The Third Revolution: "Busting the Myths of Post-Deng China"
  • TNT: Localization in China
  • Trade and Foreign Investment in the Middle East and North Africa 

Completed Research


Public Opinion
Our team members regularly give their opinions with regard to international business topics. Below you can find a selection of interesting contributions.
  • Prof. Dr. Haico Ebbers dicusses the Optimism About the Future Among China’s Middle Class. 
  • Nyenrode Publication on Offshoring Conducted by Dr. D. van Gorp in several newspapers and on radio. English article.
  • Ambassador Zhang Jun attends Seminar "Investment of Chinese Enterprises in Europe" co-sponsored by Clingendael and Nyenrode Business University and delivers Keynote Speech.
  • Prof. Dr. Haico Ebbers talks about the need for cultural diversity in the China Economic Review.
  • Prof. Dr. Willem Burgers talks about "Marketing in China".  
  • Foreign retail banking opportunities in China, High hopes, low expectations, The Financial Services Industry Magazine.
  • Professor of Innovation and Sustainability Taco van Someren talks about "Ecocities in China".
  • "Beware of the 36 stratagems!" - Alexandre Ferreira Lopes, The lawyer & Guest lecturer of ECI.
  • Prof. Dr. Haico Ebbers talks about "Developments in Chinese-European Relations
  • Nyenrode a Bridge for China-Europe Business, China Daily, China-Netherlands

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