Adding sustainable value
‘Enabling sustainable business is like going on an expedition to undiscovered high potential area’s. Guiding expeditions to the potential of sustainable business is our expertise. Together with our clients we undertake these journeys, resulting in added value for your organization. We bring along our expertise and knowledge gained in previous undertakings, and blend it with yours. After each expedition we take time to reflect, to distill lessons learned and distribute them through publications and educational activities.’
The Center for Sustainability of Nyenrode Business Universiteit is a multidisciplinary team of academic professionals that focuses on:
  1. Adding sustainable value for our clients and our society, by means of
  2. conducting practice-related scientific research, to
  3. stimulate sustainable development and innovation in business and society and
  4. offering leading higher education on sustainable development.

The Center for Sustainability in many cases uses the triple-P ideas with the purpose to develop business and policy that

  • optimally fills the needs of the People– not just now and here, but also there and later
  • by realizing circumstances that benefits our Planet
  • in a way that it creates financial as societal value (Profit)

The CfS connects to the leading principles of Nyenrode as a private business university:

  • offering participants with different personality, from different backgrounds and context an inspiring and familiar ‘free zone’, where these parties can learn, develop and experiment together
  • sustainable working, learning and developing requires Nyenrode to provide cuttingedge knowledge development, process facilitation and coaching
  • sustainable development asks in private as in public domain to work, learn and develop from the integration of the Nyenrode values entrepreneurship, stewardship and leadership
Based on these principles and ideas the CfS supports parties to explore new and inventive ways to realize sustainable development in business, management, value chains and policy.
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