Besides contributing to the Nyenrode degree programs, our team members liaise with other organizations and renowned scholars to develop and deliver high quality executive programs. The programs are specifically developed for companies or an audience of business owners, c-level executives, and senior managers who want to enhance their understanding of certain international business topics or foreign markets.
The Programs deliver a unique learning experience as they are:
• High-class: we work with the best scholars and business people to teach the programs.
• Intensive: the programs are highly interactive, provide first hand insights and in-depth knowledge.
• Practical: the programs are designed to deliver immediate results and management tools to ensure long lasting impact on the personal skills of the participants and the capabilities of their organizations.
• Up to date: the programs are regularly updated with the latest developments.
Tailored Programs Nyenrode provides tailored programs to help companies and government organizations advance their understanding of key business topics. To request a tailored program, please contact

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