Why Nyenrode's EMBA?

Nyenrode Business Universiteit is the only business private university in the Netherlands. The Executive MBA focuses on your personal leadership development in the shape of 2-week modules over 22 months. 
Why Nyenrode?
  • You will be part of a university for business and by business​.
Nyenrode Business University was founded by visionary leaders of world-known corporations such as Philips, Akzo, KLM, Shell and Unilver, to rebuild the Dutch economy from the ashes of World War II.
  • The most connected business network in the Netherlands.
Once a Nyenrodian, always a Nyenrodian! Become part of a close international community of 25,000 alumni in more than 100 countries whom you can always count on. 
  • You will enjoy a unique campus environment.
Nyenrode is located in a pristine estate which includes a 13th Century Castle, a deer park, a rose garden, on-campus accommodation (hotel) and many more features. The perfect environment to focus on your development.
  • Selecting & shaping strong responsible leaders.
We carefully select our students and participants not only based on intellect but also on experience, courage, personality and motivation.

Why Nyenrode's Part-Time Executive MBA?
  • International Experience: Bootcamps.
You will experience the intensity of two-week modules that provide you with an insight of the challenges faced by senior managers and executives. Our modules in the Netherlands, South Africa and China are designed to ensure you experience the complexity of organizational leadership in both developed and developing countries. 
  • Become the best leader you can be.
Together with bright minds, strong personalities, driven individuals and internationally respected specialists in various fields, you will learn to increase your leadership potential with 25-50% in ways that maximize fulfillment of your career and the careers of others. 
  • ​​Study from abroad.
Living/working outside the Netherlands? The 2-week modules make it possible to fly into campus in order to participate in the program. On-campus accommodation is provided and Nyenrode is located only 30 minutes from Schiphol Airport. The module format of the Executive MBA is also ideal for those who travel frequently for work. 
Robin Frerichs, Executive MBA alumnus and Trade Manager, A.P. Moller, is based in Denmark and flew in for the Executive MBA modules:
"Nyenrode was the best choice for me because I was looking for a well respected business school with a top curriculum while living and working outside of the Netherlands. The structure of the program also allows me to plan business travel around the modules which was very important for me. The 6 modules are evenly spread out over the 21-month duration of the program and the campus is only 30 minutes away from Schiphol Airport."  
More information?
or contact our Talent Recruiter, Maartje Wijnholds, via +31 346 295 743 or m.wijnholds@nyenrode.nl

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