Thankfully, more and more people are aware that making our world more sustainable is vital, and Nyenrode Business Universiteit wants to contribute to this process, and be a leader in this field. Because of this, our university is becoming increasingly green.

We have taken a number of measures over the past few years, both big and small, both visible and invisible. Our estate cars are now electric, we have installed charge points for electric cars and we provide free bicycles to visitors of our estate. Where possible, we have exchanged traditional light sources for LED lighting and our cleaners use environmentally-friendly products. With our catering partner Vermaat and food-waste reduction company Wastewatchers we try to decrease food waste, and we make every effort to reduce, reuse and recycle our overall waste.

These efforts represent just a small part of our sustainability policy. If you want an extensive overview of all Nyenrode's green initiatives, you can find it here (in Dutch).


Helm Horsten

Communications Advisor