As an institution at the heart of the community, Nyenrode would like to help create a sustainable society. Fortunately, more and more people are realizing that making our world sustainable is necessary. We want to play a leading role in this regard. Our university will therefore be ramping up efforts to go greener in the years ahead.

We have already taken numerous measures over the last several years, from small changes to major initiatives. For example, we use electric vehicles on our estate, we have charging stations for electric cars and we offer free rental bikes. 

Where possible, we have replaced our traditional light sources with LED lighting and installed motion sensors. We use a carefully thought-out mix of energy sources and water-saving measures. 

We are trying to reduce our food waste with the help of our catering partner VERMAAT, and our cleaning staff use environmentally friendly products. We also strive to separate and reduce our waste as much as we can.

In restoring our monuments and renovating halls and buildings, we opt for sustainable solutions as much as possible and always consider sustainable innovations. Our gardening service only works with products that cause the least possible damage to the environment. When it comes to managing and landscaping our green areas, we make every effort to respect the existing surroundings.


Helm Horsten

Communications Advisor