Art back at Nyenrode

Nyenrode alumni

Art Fund Nyenrode

The art fund aims to bring back high-quality art to Nyenrode, continuing the tradition established by former estate-owner and art trader Jacques Goudstikker (1897-1940).

Art Fund Nyenrode was created a few years ago by a number of Nyenrode alumni. Unfortunately the renowned Goudstikker art collection was split up when its founder tragically died fleeing Nazi persecution in 1940.

Art Fund Nyenrode's exhibitions showcase private and corporate art collections from Nyenrode alumni, or art created by artists with links to Nyenrode.

Additionally, Art Fund Nyenrode aims to expand Nyenrode's art collection by acquiring works of art through purchase or long-term loan. You can find more information about Art Fund Nyenrode here: