Lockdown measures at Nyenrode until January 25th

Nyenrode Business University strives to offer everyone a safe study and working environment.

In line with the measures as communicated by the national government on January 14th, the following measures will be implemented at Nyenrode Business University with immediate effect.

Face masks obligation and self-testing

One of the conditions is the extension of the (statutory) face mask requirement in the buildings. This means that from now on everyone must wear a face mask while sitting in the lecture halls. In the corridors, lounges and offices, the mask requirement also applies. A face mask is advised outside if you cannot keep 1,5 meters distance.

Employees, students and participants are urgently recommended to do a voluntary Corona self-test. Employees and students who need to at Nyenrode on a regular basis are requested to carry out a self-test twice a week. Also when you occasionally have to be on location for work or study, the advice of a voluntary self-test beforehand applies.

Self-tests are available free of charge at both locations.

  • In Breukelen, a separate room has been set-up in the Theater Lounge for self-testing.
  • In Amsterdam, a separate room has been set-up on the ground floor.
  • Students living on campus in Breukelen test themselves at home. They have received self-tests for this.
  • If the result is positive, you go home and take a PCR test and remain in quarantine until the result comes back.

Library, study areas and exams

  • Exams will remain online at least until 31 January. More information about testing from 1 February will follow early next week.
  • The library remains open. In Breukelen during regular opening hours. In Amsterdam, reservations must be made in advance via The opening times can be found here.
  • For datastream use, it is possible to make an appointment for both Amsterdam and Breukelen locations. 
  • Study areas in Breukelen are accessible with due observance of the safety measures. This means that 1.5 meters away must be kept in all areas and a face mask must be worn. For campus students, the spaces with an access pass are accessible 24 hours a day, for all other students during opening hours. Study rooms in Amsterdam must be reserved in advance.


  • All internal and external events have been canceled or will take place online. This also concerns internal team meetings.
  • Espresso bar in the NK hall, the Lakei in Breukelen and in the Bizz lounge in Amsterdam will remain closed.
  • Plesman, Zolder and Kelderbar in Breukelen will remain closed.
  • Catering 'to go' during lecture days. Lunch and dinner packages can be bought in the Mensa and the Bizz Lounge during regular opening hours, which can be consumed outside or in the lecture hall.
  • For programs where catering is included in the program, catering is delivered to the lecture halls and must also be consumed there or outside. Lunch is not allowed in the NK hall.
  • Participants can stay overnight in the hotels on campus.


The sports hall and gym on location Breukelen is accessible to campus students and open from 06:00 am to 23:59 pm. The Corona Admission Ticket (CTB) is required here. A face mask should also be worn, except during sports. We advise students who want to play sports to first read the national government's rules for sports.

Work from home

All Nyenrode employees work from home and only come to Nyenrode for necessary, location-based work. If you come to Nyenrode, it is strongly advised to take a corona speed test beforehand. Stay at home if you experience health problems.

Traveling abroad

Nyenrode complies to the travel advice of the national government. For more information, see information from the government of the Netherlands.


If you have general questions about Nyenrode Business University or if you have general questions about the measures regarding the COVID-19 virus, please send an email.

We count on everyone's willing cooperation to get through this period together as best as possible and in good health.