• Is Nyenrode closed?

    Lectures, exams and other meetings will no longer take place at Nyenrode. The Breukelen and Amsterdam locations are limited open. Employees basically work from home, but there are employees working on site, considering the protective measures against corona virus infection. Students and participants can visit the locations if necessary. For information, please refer to our Servicedesk (+31) (0)346 291 211. The library is open by appointment only for the use of datastream. Please contact

  • I am concerned about my health. What should I do?

    Consult the RIVM website. We follow their guidelines. Do you have a cold or an increase of temperature to 38 degrees Celsius? Please stay at home and make sure you don’t infect others. Keep your distance from other people. You don’t have to call the doctor.

    Are your complaints getting worse? And are you starting to have a fever (over 38 degrees Celsius),and are you coughing or having difficulty breathing ? Then you must call your doctor or GP-post (Huisartsenpost in Dutch). In case of serious complaints, please contact your doctor immediately.

  • What is Nyenrode’s policy?

Nyenrode Business University postponed all exams and lectures until June 1st. If possible, we will organize distance education and online courses. Students and participants will be informed by programmanagement. The measure applies to all locations of the university. In addition, based on the advice and guidelines of the RIVM, the GGD Utrecht, GGD Amsterdam and the Ministery of Foreign Affairs, we will take the following measures until June 1st.

  • Exams, lectures and events are organised online, unless impossible
  • All travel abroad will be canceled or moved
  • The library is only open by appointment for datastream
  • Nyenrodes facilities, like the mensa and sportsfacilities are closed until June 1st.

  • Are there any students or employees at Nyenrode who have been diagnosed with the Coronavirus?

Two of our part-time students were diagnosed with the Corona virus. These infections are unrelated.Both students are recovering and doing well considering the circumstances. Group members are informed and there has been contact with GGD for advice. In both cases there appeared to be no cause for concern for contamination. The students do not live on campus.

  • What if a student, participant, employee or speaker turns out to have the Coronavirus?

We are following the protocol of the RIVM and the GGD with the regards to measures which should to be taken to identify anyone who has been in contact with a potential Coronavirus patient (i.e. employees, students, participants and speakers).

Students and education

  • I have lectures and exams, will they continue as usual?

    All lectures and exams will take place online until June 1st, unless not possible.Your program manager will keep you informed.

  • Will my Open Day continue?

    All meetings are postponed until June 1st and will be organized online. The dates will be published on our website. If you have already registered for an event or program, we will contact you about the new date as soon as it is known.

  • Is it possible to attend and/ or give lectures online?

    Almost all lectures are offered online. Our program management will inform and instruct you to make the online education as easy as possible.

  • Will our social study activity continue?

    All social activities are canceled until June 1st.

  • Can I use the (study)facilities at Nyenrode?

Following the guidance and restrictions of the Dutch government the library is closed. Books will be renewed and there will be no fines. We can log in for Datastream at a distance during workdays. 

For questions (and to make an appointment for datastream) you can contact us at +31 346 291 310 and/or at

  • My exams are canceled, which delays my studies. How will Nyenrode deal with this?

    We understand your concerns about any study delays. We are thinking about solutions and trying to limit the adverse consequences for you as much as possible. You will receive a notification from program management about the progress of your studies and/or courses.

  • Does Nyenrode also have contact with students abroad and will they be supported if they must return?
    There is contact with BBA students in London. We have made a separate Q&A for this group.



  • I have just returned from an area or country with many infections. What should I do?

    Let the RIVM advise you on this. If you have complaints or symptoms that are getting worse, please contact your doctor or the local GGD by telephone.

  • I am a student and I want to travel abroad, what do I have to take in account?

All study and work-related trips abroad on behalf of Nyenrode have been suspended. Do you want to travel privately to countries where the virus was found? Then follow the advice of RIVM and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Are you a visiting a partner university? Follow their updates about the Corona virus carefully. Make sure you have a good cancellation insurance.

More and more countries are imposing restrictions on their entry and exit policies. If you plan to travel, keep this in mind.

         Is Nyenrode cataloguing who has been in a high-risk area?

We are aware of this regarding study-related trips or exchange programs. This does not apply to private travel. Have you been in a risk area? Stay at home for two weeks and consider the safety rules.

  • I am participating in a program or am currently studying at Nyenrode and would like to come by. Is that possible?

    Only the library Nyenrode is open by appointment for the use of datastream. Please contact Together with our students who live on campus we discuss the best way to live together during this time.

  • Do you have any additional questions?

Do you have a specific question for Nyenrode? E-mail us at If you prefer to call: (+31) (0)346 291 211.

For general questions about the Coronavirus, please contact the RIVM, or at (+31) (0)800 1351.