Is Nyenrode open?
All programs at Nyenrode provide a combination of online education and on-site education. Where possible, education takes place on location in accordance with RIVM guidelines, so we have a safe working and learning environment for everyone.

We also follow the guidelines of the National Government regarding working from home. This means that our employees only work at Nyenrode if they have a program- or location related task.

What is Nyenrode’s policy?
Lectures take place both on location and online. Until October 31st, exams will be taken online. Students and participants receive news and information about the design and progress of their program via program management. The policy applies to both location of the University.

In addition, based on the advice and guidelines of the RIVM, GGD Utrecht, GGD Amsterdam and the travel advice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the following measures apply:

  • All business trips abroad are postponed until further notice.
  • The library in Breukelen is open to students or employees of Nyenrode. To gain access to the study areas, you need to use the Nyenrode card.
  • The library in Amsterdam is open by appointment during office hours.

Can I just come to Nyenrode?
For both Breukelen and Amsterdam, participants and students who come to follow their program must be registered via the program management or the reception. Students, participants, and guests complete a health check every day they are at Nyenrode before they meet with fellow students, Nyenrode employees or third parties. Each participant then receives a badge that must be worn visibly. In addition, it is urgent to wear a mouth mask when moving through the rooms on location (corridors, lecture halls, office, etc.). If you are sitting or outside, this advice does not apply.

How can I keep 1.5 meters distance?
In both Breukelen and Amsterdam we are working with a routing to keep 1.5 meters (5 feet) distance. We ask all visitors at our locations to follow the instructions indicated for a save and pleasant stay at Nyenrode.

Are facemasks available at Nyenrode?
Nyenrode facemasks are available in the shop and at the Service Desk for € 7.50.

What other precautions has Nyenrode taken?
Disinfection units are located at the entrance and exit. Our cleaning services have intensified, this means that all spaces, toilets, handles and other surfaces are cleaned more often.

What if a student, participant, employee, or speaker has the COVID-19 virus?
We will follow the protocol of the RIVM and the GGD in this situation regarding to the people who have been in contact with the patient (employees, students, participants, and speakers).

I am concerned about my health. What should I do?
Visitors with (flu-like) complaints cannot visit Nyenrode. We follow the guidelines of the RIVM, which can be consulted via their website. Do you have a cold or an increase of temperature (to 38 degrees Celsius)? Stay home, try to get well, and make sure you don’t infect others. Keep you distance from other people.

Are your complaints getting worse? Do you have a fever (over 38 degrees Celsius) and are coughing or do have a hard time to breathe? Please contact your GP or the GP-post. In case of serious complaints, please contact us immediately!

Students / Participants and education

For study-related questions, like what your study program will look like from September, click on your study:

I have lectures and exams; will they continue as usual?
You will receive information of your education or course via Program Management. If you have anu questions, please contact your Program Manager.

I want to go to an open day; is this possible?
The possibilities of organizing this on location are examined per meeting. If this is not possible, we will look at online events. You can find dates of events on our website. Or contact one of our Program Advisors.

Is it possible to follow and / or give online lectures?
Almost all lectures can take place online. Program Management informs and instructs students and teachers there necessary to ensure that online learning runs as smoothly as possible. Where physical meetings are preferred, Program Management will look for the best possible solution.

Can I use the (Study) facilities at Nyenrode?
The library and study rooms have been closed since November 5 until further notice. The library in Amsterdam is open from 10 am to 4 pm.

For questions (and making appointments for Data Stream) we can be reached via +31 (0)346 291 310 or email address:


I am a student and I want to travel abroad; what do I have to consider?
All study and work-related trips from Nyenrode have been canceled. Do you want to travel privately? Please follow the advice of the RIVM and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Many countries place restrictions on their entry and exit policies and some even a many mandatory quarantines. If you plan to travel, keep this in mind.

Is your question not answered?

Do you have a specific question for Nyenrode? Mail us at or call us at +31 (0)346 291 211.

For general questions about the COVID-19 virus, you can contact the RIVM at +31 (0)800 1351.