Online Session

PhD Action Research Workshop

November 4 2022, 12:00 AM
November 11 2022, 5:00 PM
There are 24 spots available


Contemporary action research is a robust approach for the co-creation of both practical knowledge and new theoretical concepts about, for instance, organizational dynamics, social innovation, healthcare transformation and community development. It is a pragmatic and participatory approach in which academic researchers collaborate with managers and professionals to inquire into issues of high mutual concern.

PhD students who participate in this Action Research Workshop, will obtain practical understanding of how to develop meaningful, original, and rigorous knowledge through studying the change processes that they also facilitate.

Unique elements of the workshop

  • We work from the assumption that practice is the site of novel knowing and therefore encourage participants to combine their practical interests with the development of their academic skills.
  • The workshop introduces the different elements of action research as an iterative process of topic construction, research design, collaborative action, and the analysis of the generated data.
  • The workshop is facilitated by experienced action researchers who are competent in change facilitation and theory development. David Coghlan is an internationally renowned action researcher with a special competence in insider action research.


  • Access to an organization, group or community where one can conduct engaged, change oriented research with local actors as co-researchers. 
  • Group and change facilitation skills and/or possibilities to collaborate with others who can take the lead in such facilitation. 
  • Preferably students have followed a Philosophy of Science course before they start the Action Research course.



Day 1: 4 November 2022 (morning and afternoon)
Day 2: 11 November 2022 (morning and afternoon)


The workshop will be conducted online through Microsoft Teams and consists of two 1-day sessions. During and in between sessions there is ample opportunity and time for students to apply learnings to their own action research study and to subsequently reflect on those experiences in plenary conversation. 

Online session 1: Getting acquainted with (your) action research

  • Introduction to action research and how it is positioned in the social sciences
  • Overview of the action research modalities
  • Working with action research as a 1st, 2nd and 3rd person practice
  • The role of action research in organizational and societal change
  • Exploring your research question in its practical and theoretical dimension

Online session 2: Designing and conducting an action research study

Developing a research design: overall approach, co-researchers, your role, action/reflection cycles, data generation, knowledge development

  • Creating conditions for successful action research: entrance, sponsors, coordination, resources, politics
  • Action research ethical considerations and quality criteria
  • Distinguishing between “action cycles” and your PhD research cycle: reflection, analysis, publication

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