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Radical thinkers on business, society and ecology

June 28 2022, 3:30 PM
June 28 2022, 4:30 PM
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Do you want to explore an economy in which nature and people matter? Do you want to hear unorthodox perspectives on growth, capitalism, marketing or ethics? Do you want to imagine new possible futures for businesses and our economy? Then the 'Radical thinkers' conference series is for you.

Changing the world one perspective at a time. To play its role in shaping responsible leaders, the business school of today needs to be a place offering multiple perspectives on the complex social and environmental challenges of the world. The 'Radical Thinkers' series aims to provide a voice to alternative perspectives at the intersection of business, society and ecology. We need to ask new questions where the old answers have become muted.   


Academic thinkers offering an alternative, radical and heterodox perspective on the interconnection of business, society and ecology with an international orientation and from all over the world. 

Revisiting Agency Theory: dialogue with Radical Thinker Beate Sjåfjell

A radical rethinking of allocation of responsibility, accountability and liability. Agency theory has contributed to the extreme challenges of our time in the way it is used to narrow the scope of what company law and more broadly corporate governance should concern itself with. There is a need to fundamentally revisit mainstream agency theory and interrogate its assumptions. In this lecture, this is the basis for an interdisciplinary redefinition of agency theory, which encompasses the complexity of how business is organised today. 

Beate Sjåfjell is Professor Dr. Juris at the University of Oslo, Faculty of Law, and Visiting Professor at College of Europe, European Legal Studies Department. Beate’s main field is company law and corporate governance, with much of her research concentrating on the regulation of business in the broader context of sustainability.


Previous episodes of the Radical Thinkers Series 

The livings: dialogue with Radical Thinker Martin Drenthen

“Nature” “the Wild”, What is the position of humans among the livings? How can human transcend the duality between exploitation and sanctuarisation to reach a more adequate balance with other living species?

Martin is an environmental philosopher. His most recent research focuses on ethical issues involving the resurgence of large animals, notably the wolf. He further develops novel approach to environmental ethics, that recognizes the role of narratives in human relations with environments and acknowledges the close relation between landscape interpretations and notions of (moral) identity. Click here to watch his lecture during the Radical Thinkers series and read more about Martin.


Degrowth: dialogue with Radical Thinker Timothée Parrique

Imagine a society where the ecological, social and economic spheres are in balance providing a meaningful life for all. Degrowth is a movement that explores such a society. Its revisits growth as a core principle of our economy. All business desire to growth. But what is growth exactly? And what does it mean when a society is not growing? Is that even possible?

Timothée is a French national and passionate about heterodox economics, philosophy of science, and academic writing. His dissertation 'The political economy of degrowth' (2019) explores the economic implications of the ideas of degrowth and has received considerable attention in Europe and beyond. Click here to watch his lecture during the Radical Thinkers series and read more about Timothée.