Expertise center

Auditing & Assurance

Our mission

The Center for Auditing & Assurance focuses on assurance services by accountants (auditors). The aim of these services is to provide guarantees by independent professionals. The most well-known example is the annual financial statements audit and the accompanying auditor's report.

Nyenrode's research and education looks at the broad spectrum of assurance services. Important issues in this context are:

  • Quality of services (audit quality)
  • Professional judgement
  • Professional attitude

Our core values – Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Stewardship – are a constant driving force for our teaching staff; they strive to excel at these qualities to inspire a new generation of accountants.

Our activities

Our education centers on building our students to be 'robust auditors', and features as its most prominent subjects: professional judgement, ethics and the broad spectrum of risk analysis and materiality.

Role play

Building our students to be robust auditors is in line with Nyenrode's mission to offer practical education. Our programs aim to actively train students in their role of auditors. We often use role play in this process.

Our type of education integrates personal and academic skills and we strive to educate our students to act in the common interest and to prepare them for the stakeholders' (changing) expectations.


Nyenrode's Center for Auditing & Assurance is represented within the following programs:

  • Bachelor of Science in Accountancy
  • Master of Science in Accountancy
  • Post-Master RA (including Custom Made track)
  • Executive Education
  • Doctoral program

Additionally, our faculty is responsible for training auditors in Corporate Governance, part of the MSc in Accountancy.

Our research

Important subjects in the center's research are:

  • Audit quality, professional judgement and risk assessment
    A company risk assessment improves the quality of an audit. This approach demands the auditor's insight in a company's management, their environment and the business processes that create value for the organization. This enables the auditor to better recognize management fraud and risks to the business.
  • Personality traits, quality incentives and remuneration model
    We undertake research into the influence an auditor's personality and remuneration have on their decision making, focusing on audit-partners' profit sharing systems and the availability of an audit quality bonus. We also look at auditor's personalities and characteristics.
  • Behavioral research in auditing
    This study centers on an auditor's professional behavior and the factors determining this, looking at the personal, institutional and cultural qualities necessary to guarantee an audit's quality. In the end, the auditor's behavior determines the audit's quality.

Further to these subjects, we do research into 'fraud detection by the auditor and forensic accountancy' and 'the internal supervision and audit's impact on audit quality and company performance'.


In the undertaking of research, the faculty works with international researchers in this field. These researchers regularly present their findings at international research conferences and seminars. Their research is also published in scientific auditing journals.

Since 2010, the faculty has worked with the Nyenrode Corporate Governance Institute to do significant research into corporate governance on behalf of the Dutch Monitoring Committee Corporate Governance Code.

Opinion pieces (in Dutch)

Publications in international journals

  • Buuren, J.P. van, Koch, C.K., Nieuw Amerongen, C.M. van, & A. Wright. (2017, forthcoming). Evaluating the Change Process for Business Risk Auditing: Legitimacy Experiences of Non-Big 4 Auditors. Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory.
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  • Foundation for Auditing Research
    Nyenrode actively contributes to the Foundation for Auditing Research (FAR), an autonomous research institute conducting academic research into the drivers of audit quality. Nyenrode has hosted their annual conference and other FAR research symposia and masterclasses multiple times. Learn more about the FAR.
  • Accountancy/Auditing Firms
    The Center for Auditing & Assurance works intensively with the firms that employ our students to collect data for research classes and thesis programs. This cooperation has resulted in an extensive education and research database.

Faculty members

Dr. Olof Bik RA

  • Behavioral & Cultural Governance
  • Auditor’s Behavior
  • Accountancy Education

Dr. Herman van Brenk RA

  • Audit quality
  • Judgment and decision making

Prof. dr. Joost van Buuren RA

  • Auditing
  • Accountancy

Prof. dr. Bob Hoogenboom

  • Integrity Management
  • Fraud

Prof. dr. Barbara Majoor

  • Auditing
  • Regulations
  • Ethics
  • Assurance

Prof. mr. dr. Marcel Pheijffer RA

  • Fraud
  • Corporate Governance
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Money Laundering
  • Creative Accounting
  • Fraudulent Reporting
  • Ethics & Integrity
  • Public Oversight

Drs. Remko Renes RA

  • Corporate Governance
  • Risk Management
  • Internal Control
  • Auditing

Dr. Niels van Nieuw Amerongen RA

  • Control
  • Risk Management
  • Auditing

Dr. Inez Verwey RA

  • Research Methodology
  • Fraud
  • Auditing & Assurance
  • Forensic Auditing