Nyenrode Sports Inc.

Nyenrode Sports Inc.

Sports is in our DNA. Our founders noticed early on that being physically fit is essential to feeling good about yourself and having success in international business. Since then, Nyenrode Sports Inc. has become the primary international institute for sports management and coaching in the Netherlands. Our Sports Leadership Program brings out the best in leaders operating in a top sports environment.

Nyenrode Sports Inc. Education

Nyenrode Sports Inc. offers two main programs:

  • Sports Leadership Program;
  • MSc Elective Sports Leadership.

Additionally, we regularly host seminars and classes, like the seminar Leading Winning Teams or the series of classes Sports Managers of Tomorrow.

Sports Leadership Program

The Nyenrode Sports Leadership Program is a one-year international program, developed by and for leaders from the world of sports. Our partners from Phoenix Education guide you in your Personal Leadership Journey, helping you discover how to become an inspiring leader and how to deal with the complex, challenging and often emotional situation you encounter within the world of sports management and coaching.

Some highlights of the Sports Leadership Program:

  • International modules, including a trip to the University of Oregon;
  • An innovative and scientific approach to leadership in sports;
  • Small-scale setting with participants from the worlds of sports and business.

Nyenrode's Sports Leadership Program has been AMBA accredited as part of our Modular MBA Program. The third cohort of this program starts on 10 September 2017.

MSc Elective Sports Leadership

How do you lead a top sports organization or team in a credible, transparent and sustainable manner? And what role do international sports organizations like the IOC and FIFA play in the way sports and our society are changing? Nyenrode's MSc Elective Sports Leadership program answers these and many other important questions.

Some highlights of the MSc Elective Sports Leadership Program:

  • Identification of sports organizations' DNA profiles;
  • Introduction to the 'sports ecosystem';
  • Sustainability and sports;
  • Visit to head offices of sports organizations such as soccer club AFC Ajax, the Dutch Olympic Committee/Dutch Sports Federation and Nike's headquarters in Hilversum.

Customized program

In need of a customized program in sports leadership? Nyenrode Sports Inc. is the place for you! Please contact us to discuss your option.

National Sports Boards Survey

In the spring of 2015, Nyenrode Sports Inc. initiated the National Sports Boards Survey, with over a thousand board members participating. The survey shows how sports are being run in the Netherlands and how sports associations and managers influence social and societal changes like our aging population, the increasing wealth gap and the impact of (social) media.

Nyenrode Sports Inc. Partners

Nyenrode Sports Inc. works with the following program partners: