RSM-Nyenrode Institute (RNI)

RSM-Nyenrode Institute (RNI)

RSM started a collaboration with Nyenrode Business University to form the RSM-Nyenrode Institute (RNI). The RNI encourages professionals to test real life situations against established learnings. At the same time, the institute provides an opportunity for students to experience the professional world.

The goal of the RNI is to create a knowledge platform for professionals from RSM and for Nyenrode students. This knowledge enables them to optimize academic and professional knowledge. As well as learning practical experience on a national and international level.

The RSM-Nyenrode Institute focuses on fiscal, financial and accountancy consultancy in three main areas:

●    Real Estate (national and international);
●    Education;
●    Chair in Family Business and Business Transfer.

The RSM Chair in Family Business and Business Transfer is held by Professor Roberto Flören. Research that focusses on the practical application of family businesses in the Netherlands is carried out under the supervision of the RNI. Meetings, presentations and masterclasses are also organized for clients and employees. Turning the institute into the future voice of family businesses in the Netherlands.


Wilfred J.O. Castricum - Accountant Partner at RSM
Wilfred J.O. Castricum is an Accountant Partner and has been with RSM since 1988. Since 2000 he has been responsible for clients in the education and non-profit sectors. Mr. Castricum is also the international contact for RSM in the Netherlands. He specializes in providing guidance to private businesses with an international character and is therefore a true asset for our organization. His strength lies in encouraging organizations to communicate more transparently. His client portfolio includes many great real estate businesses, which is valuable for reference and advice. View resume.

Laura Bles-Temme - Fiscal Partner and Head of Tax at RSM
Laura Bles-Temme is a Fiscal Partner and Head of Tax at RSM. She has been with the organization since 1994. She gained administrative experience at the Dutch Association of Tax Advisers. That is why she has a lot of experience with the Dutch Belastingdienst (tax and customs administration) and in guiding audits. She is responsible for the private client desk at RSM, advising family businesses and directors. Stakeholders that are both director and stockholder in their company, all related to corporate and individual income tax, but also in relation to the broader areas of gift and inheritance tax, VAT and payroll tax. She specializes in guiding her clients in financial and fiscal matters, but also on strategic business activities. As well as advising in Horizontal Supervision. View resume.