Annamaria Beasley-Suffolk BA

Assistant Professor
Annamaria Beasley-Suffolk
  • Communication
  • Academic Writing Skills
  • Business English

Annamaria Beasley-Suffolk is assistant professor at Nyenrode Business University. She is part of the Nyenrode Faculty research center Center for Strategy, Organization & Leadership.

She is responsible for teaching management skills, such as persuasive public speaking, negotiating and conflict management, on the Management Communication courses in Nyenrode's executive and degree programs. Annamaria also gives classes in academic writing skills on the MSc program as part of the thesis preparation. She also gives an elective course in Business English on the BSc in Accountancy program.

Annamaria has published articles on intercultural communication and took part in a series of radio programs on British culture for a Dutch educational broadcasting company.

In 2004 she received her diploma in translation from the ITV Hogeschool voor Tolken en Vertalen in Utrecht, and was sworn in as an official translator at the Palace of Justice in the Hague the same year. Until December 2011 she ran her own company providing skills training and translation services to companies and private individuals.

Secondary positions

  • Teacher at the Hogere Technische School in Dordrecht.

International Activities

Having received her Bachelor's degree in modern languages (Hons) from the University of Sheffield, she went on to obtain her Post Graduate Certificate in EFL. She taught English both in Germany and Spain.