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Frank Lekanne Deprez is assistant professor at the Centre Strategy, Organization & Leadership of Nyenrode Business University. He is core lecturer of Modular Executive MBA Food & Innovation, Public & Private and Business & IT on Change Management & Organization Development. He is also core lecturer of Executive MBA on Human Resources Management.

Frank earned his Master’s Degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at the Free University in Amsterdam and his PhD at Nyenrode Business University.

Before starting his own company Zero Space Advies BV in 2003, Frank was a research associate at the University of Tilburg (1985 – 1988) and held management and functional positions at KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines 1988 - 1995). From 1995 to 1997 he was the Manager of Market and Product Development at Galileo Nederland, Ltd. During the period 1997 - 2003 he was a manager at KPMG Knowledge Advisory Services, where he was a consultant and also provided executive training and education for a number of international organizations. From 2002 - 2010 Frank was part-time professor of Knowledge Organizations and Knowledge Management at the University of Applied Sciences Zuyd, Heerlen.

Secondary positions

Frank is partner and co-founder of Better Organizations in Soest. He is also owner and founder of ZeroSpace Advies in Amstelveen and an associate partner at Globally Cool (Creating Solutions for Sustainable Development) in Groningen/Zeist.

Frank was chairman of General Practitioner Center Amstelland in Amstelveen on a volunteer basis (2006 - 2018).


Franks interests are reading & writing, running and listening to music like jazz funk; sympho-rock and EDM.

Most relevant publications

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