George Apostolakis is a research fellow in impact investing and social investment at the Center for Entrepreneurship & Stewardship. In his research at the Nyenrode Business Universiteit, George examines impact and socially responsible investment policies for institutional investors such as pension funds. He is particularly interested in discovering pension beneficiaries' preferences for such policies.

George studied economics at Panteion University in Athens and holds master's degrees in Business Economics and Management, Economic Theory and Policy, and Banking and Finance. In 2017, he received his doctorate degree from Nyenrode Business Universiteit after successfully defending his dissertation, entitled “Socially Responsible and Impact Investing in the Collective Pension System”.  He holds a second PhD in Economics from the University of Crete.

George has taken part in numerous research projects in the past. He has investigated the perspectives of microfinance and microinsurance in developing countries. As part of his research, he has examined the performance and the resilience of cooperative banks during periods of financial distress. He has also been involved in the research of international finance, and particularly in the field of financial stability and macroprudential policies.

His research interests include among others Social Finance, Social Venturing Entrepreneurship, Corporate Governance, Financial Policy and Cooperative Strategies. Other fields of interest include International Finance, Macroeconomics and Financial Economics, and Behavioural Finance.