Marloes van Engen is an associate professor at the Center for Strategy, Organization & Leadership, Nyenrode Business University and she also teaches at the Department of Human Resource Studies, Tilburg University.

Her passion in teaching and research is in understanding and managing diversity, equality and inclusion in organizations, and in sustainability in combining work and home. In both fields she is particularly interested in how stereotypes shape decision-making processes of individuals, organizations and governments. In all her work she is passionate about creating impact, for instance by co-creation of research together with stakeholders in organizations, and she get energized in teaching by inviting students to explore their individual strengths and inviting them to collaborate. 

Van Engen studied Social Psychology with a minor in the Psychology of Culture and Religion at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. She lectured at Communication Sciences before she moved to Tilburg University to pursue a PhD in Gender Studies (Gender and Leadership: A Contextual Perspective). Following her PhD she started working at the department of Human Resource Studies, where her colleagues and Van Engens' work focus on HR and work, well-being and performance of individuals and organizations. Within this field she pacifically worked on integrading HRM.

Between 2013 and 2018 Van Engen has put her knowledge into practice as Senior Gender Policy Advisor for Tilburg University, initiating research-based interventions to improve (gender) equality and inclusion at Tilburg University.

Secondary Positions

  • Van Engen is chair of the advisory board of Gearing Roles, a EU funded Research & Innovation action program
  • Board member of TIDE (Tilburg University Diversity and Equality Network).

International activities

Van Engen was a visiting academic at Northwestern University (Chicago, USA), the University of Queensland (Brisbane, Australia), Monash Univerisity (Melbourne, Australia) and the Indian Institute of Science (Bangalore, India). She collaborated with scholars from Addis Abeba University and Ethiopia, working on social value creation of women entrepreneurs and their work family interaction.


Marloes is a mother of two adolescent sons, and she enjoys seeing them and their friends explore the world and their role in it. She is a passionate sport climber. She loves to climb outdoors, spending many free weekend or holidays climbing beautiful cracks and mountains all over Europe, and practice her skills in the climbing gym. 

Most relevant publications

  • Van Engen, M.L., Bleijenbergh, I. B., & Beijer, S. E. (in press). Conforming or resisting? How parents in academia negotiate their professional identity. Studies in Higher Education,
  • Van Dijk, J., Meyer, B., van Engen, M.L., & Lewin, D.L. (2017).Microdynamics in diverse teams: A review and integration of the diversity and stereotyping literaturesAcademy of Management Annals, 11(1), 517-557.
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