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Nyenrode offers the #1 BSc in International Business in the Netherlands. Our 30,000 alumni, living across the globe, are influencing today’s world. Become one of them! Learn more about the program and our 2 campus locations, Amsterdam and Breukelen.

BSc in Business Administration with a personal approach

Our learning philosophy is "less teaching, more learning & development". Therefore, we offer in our programs a unique combination of:

  • Academic knowledge - you get an in-depth insight into the core elements of business 
  • Practical relevance - you work on practical, real-world business cases alongside with company visits
  • Personal development - you will develop leadership skills and become more aware of your strengths, values and motivations

Our programs have small groups (max 35). This ensures you a lot of personal attention and guidance. We listen to your dreams, ambitions, needs and uncertainties. We encourage you to push boundaries and step out of your comfort zone. 

Choosing a bachelor's study is a real challenge. It's one of the most important decisions of your life. Make it count. Make it a reward for life.

3 reasons why our students chose Nyenrode

  1. The best Bachelor in International Business in The Netherlands*
  2. Growing International Community
  3. Two locations to choose from. What fits you? City life in Amsterdam or campus life in Breukelen?

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*Keuzegids Universiteiten, 2022

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Naomi Flipse & Donna Tancev

Program Advisor

International Student Experience at Nyenrode

Student Experience at Nyenrode Breukelen