Customer queries

We are happy to share some previous queries with you.

Below you find some customer queries we have tackled in the past, in co-creation with our client companies:

  • How do we change staff behavior to reflect our new strategy, and how can management make a difference in this process? (Healthcare provider)
  • How so we ensure our country managers embrace our strategy and how do we discover which dilemmas they experience? (International family business)
  • How do we develop strategy, leadership and cooperation in such a way that we continue to notice and utilize opportunities and chances within value-based healthcare? (Pharmaceutical company)
  • How do we realize our ambitions and growth and what is the role of our franchisees in this process? (Large franchise corporation)
  • How can we initiate innovations and what can we do to explore different business models? (Construction company)
  • How can we utilize professionals' best-practice to shape our clinical leadership? (Healthcare provider)
  • How can we improve stakeholder collaboration and enhance our role as process leader? (Governmental organization)



Jo Vincken

Programma directeur Overheid en Zorg