Moving foreward together


Some organizational issues demand more than a one-off development program. That is why we are happy to look with you at the possibilities for our cooperation, in order to achieve the best results. For instance, we offer:


Change often involves a combination of leadership, organizational and professional development. In our workshop we look for the next step with important stakeholders from within your organization.

Touching the Community Soul

Our society is in a time of great change. Because of this, we have developed the Touching the Community Soul program, in which we look at the effect of society's changes on your organization, with participants representing over twenty organizations.


Nyenrode works with a large number of companies. Would you like to know how we can work together? We look forward to hearing from you! Some of our partner companies are: SHV, Rabo, KLMAirFrance, ING, Philadelphia, St Antonius, TKH, Van Oord, KPN, Achmea, FOM