Accounting standards: see location code 230F
Annual reports: in the Nyenrode library you will find a paper collection of 700 Dutch and major foreign companies, covering the last 10 years.
Corporate governance: see location code 90A
Country information: see location code 40-
Countries, competitiveness: see location code 950A24
Dissertations, Nyenrode: see location code 520
Entrepreneurship, small business: see location codes 424 and 85
Ethics: see location code 149
Psychological tests: see location CAREER (at the information desk)
Research methodology: see location codes 5 and 250C (statistics)
Sustainability: see location code 10C
Theses, Nyenrode: Nyenrode theses are stored in the Nyenrode library. You can find their references in the library catalog: select 'Nyenrode theses' in 'Search by type of material'. Theses can be read in the library by Nyenrode students and staff only. Photocopying is not allowed.

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