DDDD1 - image Thank The Donor Day: “Donations truly change lives”

Thank The Donor Day: “Donations truly change lives”

Community |  November 25 2019
During the annual Thank The Donor Day on November 20, Stichting Nyenrode Fonds (SNF) thanked all alumni and other donors who have contributed to the university’s success.
Karim Ghannam Graduation 2018-2019 A place that became home

A place that became home

Community |  October 25 2019
Karim Ghannam, Full-time MBA alumnus, shares his experience at Nyenrode and how the program contributed to his personal and professional growth.
Peter Thompson Humble beginnings become great things

Humble beginnings become great things

Community |  September 19 2019
Last Friday, September 13, Peter Thompson alumnus of the Fulltime International MBA (2007) was keynote speaker at the annual FT & IMBA Alumni Event at Nyenrode Business University in Amsterdam.
1080x1080 “Playful” entrepreneurship

“Playful” entrepreneurship

Community |  July 17 2019
Jeroen van den Bremer, Glenn Verburg and Lourens Keers, all alumni of the Executive MBA class of 2017, were interviewed for the first Nyenrode podcast!
Millennials & Next Generation Leadership2_compressed Leadership across generational boundaries

Leadership across generational boundaries

Community |  July 10 2019
What dynamics lie beneath the topic of leadership across generational boundaries?
Alumni Talks Kickstox De Entreprenerd 1_compressed Critical questions help to perfect your product

Critical questions help to perfect your product

Community |  July 9 2019
Last May, the Nyenrode Alumni Talks kicked off in Amsterdam. A reoccurring event for alumni to start a dialogue on entrepreneurship and to exchange knowledge and experiences amongst each other.
Claim your chair on Nyenrode - Yasmeen Smadi - interview “Our lives are shaped by the decisions we make”

“Our lives are shaped by the decisions we make”

Community |  July 3 2019
A lot of people victimize themselves, but the truth is this. We will be faced with hardship. There will be good and bad days. But how we decide to see them and what we decide to do is what shapes our life.
Linsey “Happiness” from education to business

“Happiness” from education to business

Community |  June 28 2019
Linsey van Oers completed her Master of Science in Financial Management at Nyenrode Business University five years ago. She is now an entrepreneur and has opened – within a short period of time – two locations of her Happiness restaurant concept: The Happiness Café and The Happiness Kitchen.


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