Tiny House - Mini Topia Tiny housing: Think big, make it small

Tiny housing: Think big, make it small

Community |  May 7 2021
Tiny housing and bio-based construction; seemingly the logic answer to the question how to protect our climate and simultaneously achieve the current construction goals. Four progressive students of BSc in Business Administration, Hanna Cohen Jehoram, Dylan Quatfass, Annique Pallesen Ultee and Ole Nijst deliver a workable solution in a time when many people have a hard time finding a home due to the housing shortage.
Nyenrode Cadillac Concerts Corona Cadillac Concerts: 40 concerts in 4 days

Corona Cadillac Concerts: 40 concerts in 4 days

Community |  April 28 2021
Last week, the Executive MBA students were surprised at home with a dose of Rock ’n’ Roll. Elisa Ostet and Erwin Nyhoff toured the country in a Cadillac to surprise students, because the planned module in South Africa could not go through due to the corona measures. That resulted in some cool dance moves and the occasional tear.
Erica-Kostense-Nyenrode Every day is Earth Day

Every day is Earth Day

Education |  April 22 2021
Today is Earth Day: time to reflect on our impact on nature, the environment and climate change. It is always Earth Day for alumna MSc in Management Erica Kostense. Journalist Matt Symonds of Poets & Quants talked to her.
Kasteel Nyenrode Breukelen
Nyenrode B&B a resort for life?.....April Fool's Day!

Nyenrode B&B a resort for life?.....April Fool's Day!

Community |  April 1 2021
Maybe you fell for it; maybe you spotted it immediately. Of course, it sounds fantastic to be able to imagine yourself just for once as the lord or lady of a castle. But the castle of Nyenrode is not becoming a tourist attraction.
Kasteel Nijenrode
Nyenrode opens castle doors for weekend getaways

Nyenrode opens castle doors for weekend getaways

Community |  March 25 2021
We have great news for everyone who has ever dreamt of being a lord or lady of the castle for a weekend or midweek! As of spring 2021, it will be possible to book a room at Nyenrode castle at the river Vecht in Breukelen. The revenue will go entirely to the renovation of the foundation of the 750-year-old monument.
Presentaties AKZO Nobel sessie Innovation during COVID-19

Innovation during COVID-19

February 18 2021
For the specialization Digital Business & Innovation, one of the three tracks within the Full-time Master of Science in Management, a study trip to Shenzhen (China) was scheduled. Exactly: was, since Covid-19 changed everything.
Rosa foto “Off the beaten path”

“Off the beaten path”

Community |  February 24 2020
Rosa Duran (26), alumna of the Amsterdam BBA (2014) and Master in Management (2016), headed to the Greek island of Lesbos in 2018 to help with the reception of refugees.


Kunegonde Warneke


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