Including Nyenrode in your will

Including Nyenrode in your will

About Nyenrode |  May 23 2017
As an alumnus, after graduation you have a connection with Nyenrode, your alma mater, for the rest of your life. But even after death, alumni can keep that connection alive and in doing so have a lasting effect by contributing to Nyenrode.
-content-presspage-com-uploads-865-500_5keyzersdsc-0217-jpg Nyenrode Business Universiteit expands in Amsterdam

Nyenrode Business Universiteit expands in Amsterdam

About Nyenrode |  December 8 2016
Starting in 2017, Nyenrode Business Universiteit is to offer study courses in Amsterdam. The International MBA will be moving from the Breukelen-based campus to De Vijf Keizers, a building complex on Keizersgracht in Amsterdam, where Nyenrode New Business School (NNBS) is also located. Over the coming years, the Amsterdam site will be transformed into an annex of Nyenrode Business Universiteit, where other degree programs will also be offered. In the years ahead, for the Bachelor in Business studies, an expansion in BSc in Business Administration is anticipated. For the BBA New Business & Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Amsterdam, there will be a student stop as from 2018.
-content-presspage-com-uploads-865-500_nnbs-2-jpg Commission of inquiry concludes: NNBS China trip complaints unfounded

Commission of inquiry concludes: NNBS China trip complaints unfounded

About Nyenrode |  August 29 2016
All the complaints about alleged irregularities during a Nyenrode New Business School (NNBS) study trip to China in May of this year, have been found to be unjustified by an independent commission of inquiry chaired by Prof. Dr. Emile Kolthoff. The findings of the inquiry entirely clear NNBS director Anton Busselman and the two co-accused teachers.
defaultHeroImage The 5 Keizers within our sights

The 5 Keizers within our sights

About Nyenrode |  December 13 2013
The eagerly anticipated move to a new and exciting location in the heart of Amsterdam’s creative and entrepreneurial centre is an ambition waiting to be fulfilled. Comprising of 2,750m² of study space, this incredible building will inspire generations of students and staff who have made the decision to be part of Nyenrode New Business School’s future.
defaultHeroImage Moving into 5 Keizers

Moving into 5 Keizers

About Nyenrode |  June 11 2013
A date has been set for Nyenrode New Business School’s eagerly anticipated move from the Weteringschans 165 to the creative heartbeat of the city—Keizersgracht 279-287. Associate-Dean Gert Meijer says: “Although we would have liked to have started this academic year at The 5 Keizers, at NNBS we are very optimistic the move will take place at the beginning of 2014.”


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